A huge thank you to our customers!!!
We are open for business and here to serve you.

During this time of uncertainty, and a time that is unprecedented in our lives, we have to say a heartfelt thank you to our amazing customers! To those customers being so understanding and supportive of our new “procedures” at the shop like no-contact service and understanding why our doors are locked to prevent any contact and keep YOU and our employees as safe as possible, we THANK YOU!

To the customers proactively calling us, asking if we’re slow and feeling the pinch (and we are, just like everyone else!), then saying though their vehicles aren’t due for inspection for a couple of months, they’d like to bring them in now to help US, to help US keep our staff employed, and to help our employees continue to take care of themselves and their families, we THANK YOU!!!

The genuine kindness and support remind us of the goodness in people, and hopefully encourage us all to pay it forward any way we can!! We look forward to getting back to life as we once knew it, with one exception…always appreciating those that are kind and never forgetting the truly important things!

In health,

ALL of us at Creighton’s Auto Repair

***please see below for our procedural changes during this time***

Creighton’s Auto Repair has been monitoring the coronavirus updates from the CDC and diligently adhering to their mandates and suggestions at slowing the virus’ spread. We service many local emergency vehicles, and we are doing all in our power to stay open so that we can keep your car on the road and to keep the emergency vehicles on the road so they can continue to do their jobs and keep all of us safe. Our technicians and staff are all healthy and we are monitoring any symptoms that they may have and taking appropriate actions. You can count on us at a time like this especially if you need our help.

We are adhering to the following guidelines in our shop as suggested by the CDC and other medical professionals:

  • We are continuing to disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, handles, restrooms, counters, tables and furniture multiple times throughout the day.

  • We ask that you disinfect any part of your car that will be touched by your technician while at the shop (steering wheel, gear shift, seats, etc)

  • Our technicians will wear clean, disposable gloves while working on your car.

  • All staff is required to wash hands multiple times throughout the day and after all interactions with customers.

  • As always, we offer night drop-off of your vehicle, pay over the phone option, and after hours pick-up of your vehicle. This provides the opportunity to keep the human distancing mandates in place. THIS IS OUR RECOMMENDED OPTION FOR THE SAFETY OF YOU AND OUR EMPLOYEES DURING THIS TIME!!

  • We are temporarily eliminating all unnecessary “waiting appointments”. We ask that if you do need to come into our office, PLEASE come in and out, and please limit to only one person coming in. OF COURSE, if you aren’t feeling well, or have any type of cough, cold, etc. please utilize our night drop-off option. It’s important to keep our employees safe and healthy also!!!!

Creighton’s Auto Repair understands the vital role our shop plays in community and the value of the health of our customers and employees who staff and operate our shop. That’s why we want you to know that we are taking the necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We earn your trust one visit at a time, and this is no exception! We thank you for your loyalty!!

In health,

Joe, Mike, Vicki & staff

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